Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Cardi lives on!

A while back, I purchased three cardigans from the 50 cent rack at a local oppie. None of them were appropriate sizes/colours or styles that would suit any of my mob but they did have rather delicious buttons. Once home, I did indeed pluck off said buttons but I was feeling a tad guilty about returning them to the oppie sans closures - it was a dilemma indeed! "So", I hear you ask, "how did you solve that dilemma and keep the guilt demon at bay Sue?" . Well, in a moment of remarkable clarity and channeling my inner Ikea-ness, I decided to whip up some Wintery cushion covers. Of course I hadn't reckoned with the truculent attitude of the knitwear and their apparent reluctance to be cut up. Slippery, stretchy and generally uncooperative, it was a bit more effort than a simple "whip up". However, I did persist and here are the rewards of my efforts.

I need to add some decorative stitching to a couple of them but overall I am sure you get the idea!

The light green is rather more green than the photo shows, and the olive is - well - more olivey. They are super snuggly and cosy. As for the buttons - I used them up too ...

I manage to squeeze out a necklace and a bracelet from 2 sets and made a brooch from the lovely big red one - that is for me!

I made pewter discs and stamped them to create a kinda pod-like effect.

I also used up one of my lovely metal buttons as a closure on the bracelet. All in all, I think it was  $1.50 and a couple of hours well spent - don't you?


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Love the necklace! Great recycling with the cardi.