Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Creative Space

Well I have been beavering away putting together some beady goodness for an upcoming 3 day event - which might go some way to explaining my bloggy absence of late ...
My desk is covered in beads and findings - I had to have a little clean-up this morning so that I didn't have to keep burrowing under the beads to find what I was looking for! In a perfect world/studio I wouldn't let it get so out of hand and put things back where they belong as I use them - pfft - yeah right! I do have some organisation going on - it looks a bit like this ...

The surface of the desk is quite another matter I'm afraid!

Bits and pieces everywhere - I should confess that this was taken post tidy-up!

Yep - little bowls of treasure all over the place - it is probably not a very efficient way to go about things but I love the little groupings and I am often surprised and delighted by what my bowls yield  - stuff I have forgotten about or worse, knew I had but couldn't remember what I did with them? Who doesn't do that?!

Today was mostly about making dreamy pieces with a vintage feel - lots of pearls and flowers. Soft shades and neutral colours - very feminine and peaceful to create too!

My mannequin is literally dripping with adornments - what a riot of colour and textures! Oh my goodness I have had alot of fun haven't I? Of course now begins the boring admin stuff - labeling and pricing! Pity I can't just put a sign on my stall "100 bucks each - knock yourself out!" - have a feeling that won't wash!
Check out what other creatives are up to by heading over here. What have you been up to?


Teek said...

oh I love them.. I love seeing them all stacked on top of each other.

Ms Kath Pathwalker said...

Whoopie! Go you! It's a wonder she hasn't buckled under the weight of all that beauty! Well done. xx

Anna said...

Oh. beading looks so fun! It's one of the other things on my to do list when I feel that I'm sufficiently good enough with my drawing. Thank you so much for that comment on my creative space over at Moments of a Libra! I know your right about experiment is just what I need to do, so I hope my inner critic gets used to that soon :)

Have a creative and wonderful weekend!