Thursday, May 23, 2013

Budget Blowout

I am not talking about the recent Federal Budget that was handed down - the less said about that and what it means for disadvantaged people, the better. No, I am talking about my self-imposed ten dollar thrifting budget. In an effort to ensure that I don't end up on a tv show called "Hoarders Gone Wild", I am curbing my op shop spending. Of course I could just not go to the oppies at all but it is my recreation and far healthier than five arvos a week playing the pokies at the local pub! So I set myself a ten dollar limit. And what happens the very first time I try out my resolve? I blow it by fifty percent. Sigh. Perhaps I am destined for reality tv after all ... This was all in one shop too ... I rummaged happily through baskets and shelves and found some treasures that I just couldn't pass up - vintage beads, pearls and a sweet little book with Psalms. And a real size book and some trays - one of which appears to be mother of pearl so it will be fun to see if I can cut that up! My fave finds though we're the sweet little fishies and the pearl earrings - they have such a lovely hand wrought look. sigh.
If I turn up on your tv screens soon don't say you weren't warned!


Finki said...

You and me both :) Hoarders of all things pretty, shiny, vintagey and cool. xx

Two Dog Pond said...

But honestly - it would have been a crime to leave any of those treasures behind! I hope they air the show here so we can all enjoy your tiny paths through your boxes of pretties.