Saturday, December 28, 2013

Basket Revamp

I have been seeing some beautiful baskets around this Summer. Lots of bright colours, braid and pom-poms seem to be fashionable just now. I am too much of a tight-arse to spend real money on such a thing but when I spied a nicely shaped basket - with a zip closure (!) - in the op shop I figured I would have a go at creating one ...

It is a nice shape and as I said it has the big advantage of a functioning zip closure and an internal pocket ... but the bow? Well, needless to say it just had to go!

It already looks better if you ask me!

A rummage through my braid box brought to light some fun tassles and vintage ric-rac ...

So it was out with the hot glue gun and the fun began!

I reckon it is a pretty decent improvement. Not bad for a 50cent  outlay on the basket and a few glue sticks!


KnittingMonkey said...

I love it! Much better.

Melissa said...

Very Noice!
Looks great