Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Exhibition over.

The Brisbane exhibition is finished and I have had some great feedback about my pieces! These were among my favourite pieces to make - I loved the etching process - which I actually learned as a printmaking technique! Clearly there are cross-overs in all areas of arts practice! They are all made from recycled materials. It was a learning curve because they did all respond differently to the process! The butterfly has skulls etched on it and I called it "Fragile Planet" . The butterfly is such a universal symbol for the natural world whilst the skull always represents death or danger. I hope this piece draws attention to the perilous place that we have brought our planet to.

.The bird is probably my favourite of this series - I called it "Harbinger of Hope". I made it with optimisim!

The girl brooch is a celebration of the little girls inside us all. She is etched with images of little girls in Victorian garb. You have to look carefully though!


Rustic Tarts said...

Wow - they look great! I was hoping to click on the little girl and see all the details but for some reason (which I still haven't worked out) that photo isn't clickable. One of blogspot's little nuisances....

Melissa said...

Just beautiful, I'm so pleased Brisie went well