Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bye Bye Birdy!

Well 40 years ago it was
" one small step for man ..." and today it was one giant leap for our eldest as she embarked on her first international trip! As we waved her off at the airport, I thought about how, as our children are growing up,we invest so much time teaching them to be strong and independent so that one day they will step confidently into the big, wide world. And then,they do. Surely it was just a few moments ago that I was waving her off to kindy? Sometimes being a parent seems to be mostly about learning to let go. Given that you get so much practice at it as your kids get older, you would think it would get easier. Apparently not! I am dead delighted that she is going and will be seeing her younger sister (a whole other leave-taking earlier this year!) and I am proud as punch that this independent young person is brave enough to seek the adventure but that didn't stop my heart doing a flip-flop as she went through the departure gates ... Still, what fun they will have - two sisters, in Europe, in Summer. With a Visa card. Yay for giant leaps!


Rustic Tarts said...

A friend of mine (who you will meet at the retreat next year) has just sent her daughter off on an overseas trip too. If you are interested in reading the daughters blog here is the link:
You never know they might all meet up along the way.

Melissa said...

Gosh I turn my back for 2 secs and away you go! LOL
I spoke with the gal on monday, excited she couldn't wait.
BIG hugs