Sunday, August 15, 2010

Flea Market Finds.

Will this cold weather ever end? It is putting a serious dampner on my foraging - I just want to stay indoors and keep warm. However, like everyone I am forced outside to hunter/gather as it seems the family require feeding more than once a week, so I combined the dreaded supermarket run with a little recreational retail therapy and this is what I found.

A pretty spiffy reproduction Arnotts tin - with hinge intact - probably won't cut that one up as it will be useful for storage. Also a couple of dotty tins and a cute one from the USA that looks like a cross-stitch. Wonder of wonders I found that bag-o-buttons for a mere 99 cents - practically unheard of these days! My favourite thing though is the bright red necklace - double stranded and made of glass - I am guessing circa mid-50's. I love vintage beads - I imagine these were worn with a very spiffy "frock"!


Anonymous said...

stop it!!

I just popped down to the local markets where the sellers have great stuff, but some are pricey..

Had to have some fab old fabric,

Anonymous said...

Wowee, those buttons look ace! And the beads are fabulous!

Melissa said...

Love the beads, oh yes that would have been a very spiffy frock!

Emma said...

Great finds, love all the work in the SALA show, too, well done to your daughter!

Snooze said...

isn't it amazing how expensive buttons are ... i find the same with knitting needles. sometimes they're almost as expensive as new ones.
My Flea Market Find

Anonymous said...

Great finds as usual!