Sunday, November 28, 2010

To market, to market ...

Well, the weather was appalling, the organisers pretty mediocre and as for signage and position - well don't get me started! As usual the best thing about doing a market was the other stallholders and the sense of camaraderie as well as the interesting feedback from the public.My daughters and I ended up having lots of fun together so it was time well spent!

That is our little stall - because of the inclement weather we ended up sharing an oversized tent (that had been destined for the Sausage Sizzle) with an animal guy - oh yes this is what I got to spend the day with ...

In fact their were two of these chaps literally hanging around the marquee, along with a couple of lizards, turtles,a baby python, a bettong and a tawny frogmouth. We became animal handlers too when the guys helpers had to leave so I spent most of the afternoon with a very docile tawny frogmouth perched on my hand letting people pat it! I now know heaps more about these birds - and no, they are NOT owls!

My eldest was in Heaven and had that critter draped around her for half the day! She also snoogled the bettong! Good thing you couldn't make it Miss Melissa!! My girls did an excellent job of promoting my madeit store - I am so proud of their ability to communicate and the obvious pride they take in my work - they are just lovely really! Here is a closer look at our stall - it looks very pretty doesn't it - we were going with a little "nanna chic"?!

Now, to let you all know about some upcoming events - this Thursday, December 2nd is the day to visit the Adelaide College of the Arts because the annual Arts Bazaar will be on between 3pm and 7pm. Students will be selling their work - from prints to jewels for very reasonable prices so if you get a chance to drop in to 39 Light Square I am sure you will find some great artworks to take home. I will be there somewhere too! I am pretty excited that this year we will also be at The Art at the Hart fair in Port Adelaide on Dec 3 and 4. This is a really good arts fair with quality work and a great atmosphere. We are a bit under-prepared as we had short notice to join in but I am still looking forward to it and plan to get into the studio this week and work really hard! come along and don't forget to say 'Hello"!


Rustic Tarts said...

"I'm excited"! I'll be in Adelaide on Saturday so will come and say hello - will Miss Melissa be there too?
Your stall looked great apart from those snakes, hope one didn't slide into your handbag and made its way home with you!
The weather was a bit miserable but I hope you still managed a few sales..

Anonymous said...

Markets are so tough...its either raining, super hot or blowing a gale. I usually drown my sorrows on other stalls and coffee.
You seem so proud of your daughters.

Unknown said...

how lovely to have your daughters support your work and the day. Shame it wasnt as successful as the hard work you put in

Numinosity said...

That's funny, my most appalling booth space and weather was at a show called "Girdwood" Forest fair. they stuck me in a hole between trees and I had to shim up all of my tables to different degrees to make them level . It was so cold that I wore a down jacket and long underwear and gloves the whole time. I feel for you.
Very nice to have your daughters support though.
Good luck on any other shows you're doing.
xoxo Kim

Anonymous said...

Hi Sooz, I am definitely coming on the weekend (probably Sunday) - so look forward to seeing you! I am wondering about the market you are doing - think its the one I was talking to people in Angaston on the weekend about.