Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Time to join in the fun over at Sophie's. I had a lovely forage around a local antique store on Saturday morning - it was a reward I gave myself for writing an Art History essay! Looksee what I got - all tucked up in neat little bags that the store owner folds out of odd bits of paper - not a drop of glue is used!

Loads of deliciousness inside ...
These little beauties are old boot buttons - I think they will make adorable clasps for vintage jewellery.

I can see this button becoming a model for a mold that I can cast pewter into.

A few more "ancestors" - they look like a lively bunch!
Who could resist this sweet face?

The quality of the picture is not great but the spirit of friendship is clear in this image so I just had to bring it on home. These gals look like they know how to have a good time.

And what would a visit to the antique store be without finding some little keys? Disappointing is what it would be! I am delighted that I found these ones 'cos they are just the right size to include in all sorts of jewellery.

I feel my essay writing efforts were well rewarded and I headed home with a renewed sense of purpose. Ok, so that lasted as long as it took to make a cuppa and settle in front of a dvd but hey, I am still feeling righteous!


nadine paduart said...

ha ha ha... well, the effort on the essay didn't go amiss, miss! and the wrapping! i wish i could detect how it was done, i'm into boxes and bags wrapping, origami style, for a little project...

Nelly said...

Oh those keys and will you frame your new family and name them? Well thats what I do lol Shame on people just throwing them away.Least we will love them

Numinosity said...

Those boot buttons are really cool and I'm always a fan of old skeleton keys.

Just thought I'd let you know I made a mention of you on my blog today.
Still loving the earrings!
xoxo Kim

Unknown said...

Loving those keys! Nothing quite like finding a stash of beautiful old keys.
Sophie x

Anonymous said...

I can see why you love the op shops - what a haul!!

They wont sell photos at the oppie in Australia - they think it's wrong.

So then you have to traul eBay or antique stalls for them..

love the shoe buttons.