Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Paper Bunting - how-to.

I have had a few questions about the paper bunting I posted over in Flea Market Finds and I have decided the best way to address them is to pop a little "how-to" here.

You will need : old books you are willing to cut up
                        a glue stick
                        pencil and ruler
                        scrap card to make a triangle template
                        string or thread to hang the bunting
                        (if you have a bone-folder they are very handy but a fingernail
                          will also work!)

Step 1. Create a triangle template. At its longest point it should be the length of your page when the page is folded in half. Mine is about 4.5cms across and 5.5 cms long but yours can be whatever size you like - depending on the size of the book pages you are using.

Step 2. Fold your page in half lengthways and crease it with your bone folder (or fingernail!)

Step3. Place your template on the folded page so that the widest part (the non-pointy bit!) lies against the crease and trace as many triangles as will fit onto your page.

You will end up with something that looks like this :

Step 4. Pause for a cup of tea if necessary. If not, cut out the triangles.

When you open them up, they will look like this :

It is a good idea to refold and recrease them to get a sharp edge - use the bone-folder or fingernail method!

(you will also have a bunch of single triangles that you can use for other projects!)

Step 5. Open up the folded triangles and apply glue all over one half.

Step 6. Cut a length of string or cotton the length you want your bunting to finish up. Starting at one end and leaving enough string to create a loop or tie onto things,  lay the string along the crease in the triangle.

Step 7. Fold the triangle in half again, capturing the string inside. Press all over with fingertips or the bone-folder to ensure excellent stick-togetherness.

Step 8. Repeat as many times as necessary to create the length desired. I leave a gap of about 2cms between each triangle but that could vary depending on the size of your triangle - just see what looks best! Then decorate as desired - small stamps are nice or you might like to cut out images/ doileys/shapes to stick on. If your text has some pictures you could colour them in for another look.

Step 9. Hang up your bunting, boil the kettle for a cuppa and sit back and bask in the wonderment that is your creative ability to create such a lovely thing! Have fun!


Anonymous said...

so absurdly simple,

but I have found myself
wondering how to do paper bunting..

thanks for de mystifying it

Lyndel said...

oh Thank You! .. now I'm all Inspired to find some books or sheet music or something to try it.♥

Nelly said...

I have been googling all over for tuts and have seen some great ideas Thanks so much for adding another great way of doing them to my list.I hope to be making some soon.

Melissa said...

Thanks treas, simple when you know how.