Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chain Gang.

The truth of the matter is that I am not very fond of flame. Hence the appeal of cold connected jewellery. I have made chains and links before by riveting wire but decided  I should have a go at a soldered link chain (wtf for?). Of course there is only electrical copper wire here just now so I stripped some of that, coiled it, sawed it so the ends were neat and then the fun began. My soldering experience is very limited - like really limited and it took ages. I fluxed and I placed neat little pallions of silver on the join. More often than not I managed to blow them out of position with my torch - despite heating the rings from the back like the book said ... I have ended up with exactly 19cms of chain - and it only took ONE HOUR and FORTY-FIVE EFFING MINUTES!!!

It is not even  that good for Heaven's sake! I vow to persevere though as I feel the gauntlet has been thrown down and I will make that metal behave the way I want it to!

At the moment my success ratio has improved from one in three to three outta five - go me!


Melissa said...

well done, you go girl!

Lyndel said...

I admire your persistance, but..... why waste precious time on chain, when you can make so many other beautiful things with less stress? I love the work you do with reclaimed metals...♥

Ro Bruhn said...

I find a soldering iron's less hassle than the torch. It takes a bit of practise but it's worth it in the end.

Finki said...

hehehe chain is hard work. work I don't think anyone barr a jeweller really appreciates. Good on yah for persisting tis looking good.