Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cutting up rough

Hhmm - it is no wonder I need some new saw blades. There has been a whole lot of sawing and cutting up of some dubious stuff ...

Those plastic animals are pretty tough!

A few brooches cut from old epns trays - none of these have been filed or cleaned up yet. I have been on a saw-piercing jag. The 'Alice" pendant is made from silver-plated spoons.

She is a little bit sassy! Unlike Alice who appears to be rather calm here. Not drowning in big tears I guess!

Oh come on - who can resist a trophy head?

Whatchyou lookin at fool?


Anonymous said...

Oh hello mr hippo head. Love it.

Two Dog Pond said...

You are too hilarious. I am sitting here contemplating how you came to the conclusion to decapitate a hippo and make a brooch. Clever clever girl you are.

emma-alittlebitofeverything said...

Yes very unique! Love those flat shapes, too.

Emmica said...

Amazeballs!! Loooove the hippo : )

Anonymous said...

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