Sunday, December 16, 2012

I have been remiss of late with regard to this blog. It has taken a backseat to the excitement of Christmas preparations and homecomings I'm afraid. Even getting to the op shops has been pushed way down the priority list! So in betwenn the swirl of tidying long neglected messes and washing linen and making bedrooms ready for special people, I did manage a twirl around a lovely shop that has been in the area for years. Sadly it is closing down as the owners are retiring and moving to be closer to their kids and grandkids. Really it is the end of an era here. I will miss both the shop and the owners. Where else will I be able to go on a Sunday arvo for a few tales told in a lilting Celtic accent? Or watch fascinated as the proprietor folds up little bags for small treasures from pieces of newspaper? Apart from having the opportunity to say my good-byes, I found some wonderful treasure - keys. I know heaps of people think vintage keys are all a bit passe but i just love them. Have loved them since i was a kid - I was always nicking the wardrobe keys which drove my Mum to distraction ... Now I am a grown-up (?) I can buy as many as I want - and can afford!

They are just lovely aren't they? I will have lots of fun using these in jewellery making.

I really like little keys with fancy tops ...

...and knobby bits in the middle ...

.. or ones that are just small and chunky ...

A copule of doors up from this lovely shop is an op shop so naturally I had a fossick in there too. I found this great necklace. These are bone beads. I will cut it up and use the beads in other things.

Another good find was this copper pan for $2! It isn't very large but is solid copper and will be great to cut up and recycle. Even the handle is made of nice wood so I should be able to use that too.

I hope in amongst the Festive madness you have found some thrifting time. I would love to see your treasures so please feel free to click on the link below and share your finds!


Melissa said...

Oh thats a shame he's closing but I understand why, Thats where I got my hickery golf clubs from, we stopped off there on the "way" to the riverland for B'day party.
Lovely keys and lots of memories.
Hope you have had a wonderful day

Two Dog Pond said...

Vintage keys are passe? But Sue - they still open unknown treasures!! I love all your finds - have a Merry Christmas!