Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feathers,lace and studly stuff ..

Do you remember all those feathers I printed a while back? Well, I have finally made them into a wearable piece - maybe not something you would wear everyday, but it does function as a piece of jewellery and if you had the chutzpah for it, it looks amazing on ...



So, the brief was to create a piece of jewellery from non-traditional materials. I decided I wanted to add a printmaking element and was originally pfaffing about with screenprinting images of jewellery onto clothing - that is another story - and finally settled on making something that would juxtapose the softness of the feathers,the inherent feminity of lace and something a little "hardcore" with the studs! It is constructed from leather and studs (yes I did make that collar from scratch!), silk threads,printed feathers (cockatoo I believe!) and is lined with red velvet ribbon. Done and dusted now - just have to wait for the assesment - phew!


Rustic Tarts said...

Yes shake your little tailfeather - you are done and dusted!
Looks great.

Melissa said...

I am certainly impressed
well done