Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Remnants ..

No, not the fabric kind (although I am rather partial to those ...). This is about when the party is over and all your guests have gone home. Remnants of the party and happy memories.

This is what was left of the party that we had to wish our daughter

as she heads off to live in the exciting wonderment that is Sydney. We shared plenty of food and wine with our nearest and dearest to celebrate her adventure and reminisce about bygone days. There was laughter and a tear or two (admittedly I think I was the only one that teared up but hey - I am the MUM!) and of course there are always loads of dishes that get washed up by ready volunteers throughout the day!

It has been one whole week since the move - kinda feels longer ...


Nelly said...

I hate it when My babies are far away One is now and another has plans to travel around Aus That shall be a sad day for me.

sue said...

I know Nelly - we just have to be glad that we raised 'em with the courage and skills to follow their dreams ... (sigh!)