Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Night Time Newie.

Fueled by tequila and the bonhomie of The Courthouse ( pub, not legal institution!) I decided to try out the night time setting on my camera. This first one is a little wobbly so if you get motion sickness -TURN AWAY NOW ...

Then I started getting all creative ...

Sadly due to aforementioned tequila I can't quite remember how I achieved that effect so I won't be reproducing it anytime soon. Maybe that is a good thing. As a photographer I make a pretty good jeweller. Ah well it was a good night!

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Anonymous said...


is that King Street? Were you at the Courty? It's almost my local.

Anyway, I'm here to say thanks for the words, which I am coming ot the realization are so true. Etsy may not be my platform..

anotehr boring post coming... and yes I have built it... and true to the nature of the film, all I get is ghosts!