Monday, August 20, 2012

Keeping busy.

Whist still feeling a bit under the weather, my hands have been itching to get busy but my brain is a tad fuzzy and seems to be too big for my head 'cos it feels like it could explode any second! After a bit of a domestic blitz this morning (after days of neglect) I really wasn't feeling up to much this arvo but I am not very good at being idle - actually that is not strictly true - I am excellent at being idle anywhere near a beach particularly with  a Margarita to hand... Okay so I am land locked and apart from the Vitamin C in the lemons I am fairly sure a Margarita is about the last thing I need so I decided to get started making boxes for the jewellery that has sold at a recent exhibition. The show finishes on Sunday so I am feeling pretty righteous that I am making these ahead of time! Despite being a printmaking major (next year woo hoo!) I am actually not all that fabulous at it - printmaking I mean. I take forever to get a handle on a process and I am not a keen drawer. That means that I usually end up with loads of dud prints that are printed on such nice paper that I can never bear to chuck them out. So, I am recycling them into packaging.

Armed with some unfinished screenprints, a bone folder and my trusty glue tape, I have turned out a rather satisfying little stack of boxes.

They are quite pretty really. I have added a little cut out that I made from some old maps. The darker ones are old etchings.

I feel better for having done something productive today. I do not consider houseworky stuff productive 'cos no sooner do you do it than it is undone but my little boxes are completely tangible. Off now to find some Panadol!


Ms Kath Pathwalker said...

I always love your packaging! So beautiful!

Melissa said...

Have a hot lemon and brandy, better than panadol!
Love the beautiful packaging
Hope you feel better soon

Anonymous said...

hope the panadol has kicked in by now - housework for me lets me sort my thoughts out.. not so bad.

And yes boxes for the items you make are nearly as important..