Saturday, August 25, 2012


So I am going to have another attempt at adding a linky doo-dad. That way we we can share our op-shop adventures. All you have to do is add a link to where you have posted about your treasures. A link back here might be nice too. I had the chance to go op-shopping twice this week. Just to local shops but I found lots of goodies.

Books - 'cos you can never have too many. Can you???

eeek - Sherlock-freakin'-Holmes! Awesome!

This little tin is so cute - it is a lolly tin made by a Melbourne firm. I love that the base is printed as beautifully as the lid.

When I was a kid, we would have called this a 'trannie". Nowadays that might be considered a little un- PeeCee.

I can't even begin to think about the hours of work that went into this needlework! Doesn't he look blissful? Maybe he is thinking about a lady deer.

Haul number 2. All sorts of goodies (more books - yikes). Copper to cut up, an angel picture and some tins to re-purpose.

Okay so a sarcophagus shaped tin is pretty cool but I am still determined to cut it up...
Just look at the pattern - mini hieroglyphs!

I am a self-confessed Agatha Addict.  This guy looks more like the crook than the sleuth.

I am gonna save these up for the Summer holidays. That is assuming of course that the sun ever shines again - so over Winter.

"Father would want you to go first brother dear. I'll be right behind you"

I don't know about you but this angel seems a little but less than benevolent as she watches over this pair ...

Broken strings of vintage pearls - they always whisper "come hither ..."

Silverplated fruit spoons. I really like to use these - they are just the right size for many of the things I make. And I scored 5 of them. Yay. So that has been my thrifting week. Hope you can join in the linky fun and share your thrifted treasures too.


Enchanted Moments said...

I have that exact little tin, I collect cross stitch tins...the spoons, the pearls and the little guardian angel pic are my favs out of your 'stash'....nice going...

Melissa said...

You lucky gal all those Agatha Books wow great scoring

Jody Pearl said...

You found some gorgeous treasure - love the tin!

Pam said...

Great finds Sue! So loving all those old books! Think the pearls are my fav though.
Thanks for giving us another meme! :)