Tuesday, August 25, 2009


There are other kinds of leavetaking! When a piece of your artwork is off to a new home it can be both exciting and a little bit sad! I keep in mind that the person who bought it must love it as much as me and by paying for it they enable me to get more resources to make more art! Kinda the Circle of Life for artists! This one was called "Third Drawer Down". It has lots of components and bits and pieces - stuff you might have in your junk drawer - every home has one - my fave component is the pig - a kids toy!


Rustic Tarts said...

Wow - that is a true artist's piece of work. So much to look at.
Is the pig from the "Pass the pigs" game? I'll look at all the boys rubbish in a different light...lol

Melissa said...


sue said...

Oh he is a bit bigger than that Christina - you know those farmyard animal sets you get? He came in an assortment from the oppie and was promptly "dealt" with! Gives you some idea of the scale - not exactly a delicate piece!