Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Memories of growing up and spending holiday time at the beach are amongst my most favourite memories. I have been lucky enough to share that experience with my own children and together we created lovely memories of great times spent together and with special friends. Times change and things move along and we now find ourselves saying good-bye to the little family shack where we spent our holidays. I felt rather sad about it because it means my children won't be able to share it with their kids but in the end it is just a PLACE! We carry our memories within us and I am sure that when my mob have families of their own we will create great new memories - together - I think that is the most important word - together. Sure I feel a little nostalgic for the place but when all is said and done I consider myself very lucky to have had it as part of my life in the first place and simply can't be regretful! These are some pics I painted on the walls one very hot Summer - I obviously can't take them with me so photos are the next best thing! And yes - it is a self-portrait!


Melissa said...

I had forgotten all about the pics!
we make memories and they are the one thing that can never be taken from us.

Anonymous said...

LOve the Ladies as you know. Prolly not a great idea to publish the poetry!!! if you know what i mean....x Kath