Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Bliss!

My two besties came to visit this weekend! They came along to check-out my SALA exhibition ( any excuse for a get together will do! ) and then we tootled about the countryside checking out other artists and of course stopping for refreshments! We saw some fabulous things but the best part was that we saw them TOGETHER! This adorable cherub was part of a water feature at a cellar door Melissa and I visited on the Saturday and the expression on his face sums up just how I felt when the girls headed off on Sunday - that lovely mix of melancohly and joy and contentedness. Ah bliss!


Rustic Tarts said...

Ah the three witches!

I was hoping to visit your SALA display but it wasn't to be...

sue said...

Yes indeedy thye 3 witches ride again! It blows that you got sick - well there is always next years Festival - maybe you should team up with a few like minded makers and have an exhibition over your way - we could have reciprocal visiting!

Melissa said...

Yes what fun we had.
feeling all inspired now!