Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fave Ear-rings - so far!

These are my favourite pair of ear-rings that I have made for the up-coming exhibition - SALA starts soon ! I cut them out of a silver tray and etched them. It took several tries to solder on the wires and of course I chose to do it on a really cold day so I was freezing my assets off in the shed. I have been banned from having a flame inside the house .... it was a very small incident really - hardly any damage and no-one was hurt - but I am banished to the shed! If they sell during the exhibition I reckon I will have to make another pair for the eldest daughter - they are very 'her'! The veins are actually quite shiny so they stand out against the patinaed background nicely. Am trying not to panic about this exhibition - remembering to exhale!


Melissa said...

Just beautiful, can't wait to see it all.
BTW I'm sure it was only only a small incident with the soldering iron!

Kay's Artycles said...

These totally rock. Such simply elegant pieces and all from "junk" you're a marvel.