Thursday, December 29, 2011

At the bench ...

Today I unearthed some old spoons - there are souvenir spoons, teaspoons, soup spoons and just about every other kind of spoon you can imagine in my collection.

I had planned to make some simple charms but as chance would have it, my simple charms grew into slightly more complex and layered pendants.

That is okay though sometimes you just have to go with the creative flow!

This one started life as a very pretty spoon but a few good whacks with the hammer soon pounded it into a nice flat piece of metal - just right for the addition of a pretty image and a flower.

I spent some time before Christmas cleaning out my magazines and mined them quite thoroughly for nice images. This owl was one I saved - he is pretty cute and fitted perfectly with the piece of glass I had to hand!

I captured this bit of a vintage doiley behind glass and thought it would make a nice component in a necklace, but then, as I was playing around it just kinda grew into a pendant in its own right! The bird and the twig are both made from reclaimed pewter that I have cast. The paper behind the lace was also saved from my magazine destash!

I am still most fond of "Alice" images - I just can't help it. This pendant is made from a teaspoon, mica, a funny old brandy label and another larger spoon that when flattened ended up in this neat shield shape. Add one vintage key and voila - a pendant is born!

This picture gives a better view of the layering . I haven't sat at my bench for a while and my shoulders are feeling the absence tonight - I am out of practice! I am working towards creating enough work to take along to a makers market that is being run in conjunction with Grampians Texture - I am attending some workshops and maybe the market stall might help pay some of my accommodation costs? It is good motivation to get back to work and stop doo-lallying about .... mind you, I don't plan to overdo things - there are still cocktails to be slurped (I mean sipped!) on balmy Summer evenings ...


Paulette said...

The Alice pendant is my favorite, love the layers and the key.♥

Emmica Schlobohm said...

Really interesting...I love the owl Xx