Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve.

Well Christmas is really here! This morning I had a quick trip to my favourite oppie to wish the ladies there a very Merry Christmas ( I also found some goodies which I will share with you later!) and then spent the day puddling around in my kitchen making preparations for tomorrow. It was rather lovely - I had Angus and Julia for company and a celebratory Margharita and lots of lovely smells wafting about ... Originally we had planned to just have our twiggy tree - very low key - but then when my daughter and I were dropping stuff to a local thrift store, we eye-spied a snazzy looking tree on the freebie table! It was white and silver and rather sparkly - I think all that shininess in the Summer sun went to our heads and as you have no doubt guessed by now, it came home with us! We have dressed it bright, fun colours and are both feeling pleased with ourselves. My daughter, bless her cotton socks sat and stitched some very sweet felt birds for our "new" tree.

She made a bunch of these sweeties in lots of colours. They are quite tiny - about 8cms from beak to tail, so she stitched them up by hand. Isn't it lovely to have handcrafted decorations on your tree? Speaking of which, the very thoughtful Christina sent me the dearest little Santa that I have seen in a long time.

How cute is this little bloke? Thank you to the multi-talented Christina - it was a wonderful surprise and he looks just right on our thrifted tree!

So now the presents are wrapped, the tree decorated and the food prepared all that remains is to share a wonderful day with family and friends. And maybe sip on a cocktail or two ...

Merry Christmas!

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