Friday, December 16, 2011

Pop Ups and Presents

Whew what a month it has been ! Makers who sell all know what a crazy time of year this is - it pays to make hay whilst the sun is shining so no complaints but ... well I am glad to be having a bit of a break now! The Ethel and Girty pop-up shop was great fun and I need to thank all the wonderful people who came and visited on the day. It seems everyone embraced the idea with fervor and we spent the day chatting, sipping champers and daintily nibbling the beautiful cupcakes.

Prettiful things on display ...

Audrey Harnett's beautiful sterling silver jewellery.

Paper cuts by Ellen and prints by the multi-talented Audrey.

Some of Ellen's paper-cuts in reclaimed frames. Aren't they gorgeous?

A handmade Christmas tree festooned with white birdies and guarded by two colourful reindeer.

Calorie free cupcakes stitched with love (and lots of patience!) by Audrey.

Outside everything was set for tea ...

Just look at these beauties - all baked by the amazing Lucy and Amy duo - now nominated as the Cupcake Queens!
Just when I thought the day couldn't get much better, the lovely Melissa turned up bearing beautiful gifts for us!

Isn't that a treat! I am a morning person so Melissa chose this great doiley to include in mine!

This was an amazing experience - Audrey opened up her home to host our show and it was a beautiful setting for a wonderful gathering. I think we were tired but beaming by the end of the day!

Thanks Girty!


Vintage Sweetheart said...

So much gorgeousness in one place!! It looks like it ws a great day.

Ms Kath Pathwalker said...

You guys put on a great pop up shop!

nadine paduart said...

'feel a proper little mad hatting tea party comin' on!
hello, love!
happy holidays!!

Rustic Tarts said...

Oh you've posted three times since I last looked!
Your pop up looks wonderful - hope you had lots of sales. It is a great concept and a lovely time of the year to do it, even if I couldn't come!!

Melissa said...

OH it was the best day, when is the next one????