Sunday, June 10, 2012

The beads were calling me today. I haven't made much beadie jewellery lately so it was lovely to sift through all the pretties and have a play. If only taking pics of the finished product (to put on etsy) was as much fun. I am hopeless at it!

Ok so it is possible that I have  over-edited the photos. Just goes to prove that a crap shot is, and always will be, a crap shot. No way does the above pic do justice to this piece which has lots of fun elements - including a ceramic hand and a diamante encrusted skull! wtf?

Here I was getting my macro on - well it seemed a good idea but again, I haven't pulled it off. Hanging my head in shame.

These are very cool asymmetrical ear-rings but here they just look blah.

And this was my favourite piece of the day. Glorious ininti seeds and a handcrafted heart made from reclaimed brass (tray) and pewter from a beer mug. It is long and lovely but how am I ever gonna convey its beauty to a discerning etsy crowd with pics like this? I seem to manage halfway decent pics for this blog but as soon as I want to shoot the jewels to list on the web, I screw up. sigh. I have had a whinge. Off to look up photography tutes on Google!


Melissa said...

Looks great
Keep practising with the pics

Emma said...

Love these arty shots of your jewels, wonderfully mysterious. I guess to sell the thing Etsy needs a clear cut pic of the item, boring but true. I LOVE your collagraph plate & the little jewel to match!