Thursday, June 28, 2012

Creativity = Mess. Bigtime.

Just now life is kinda messy around here ...

My kitchen table is a hotbed of creativity - "hotbed" - get it - cos I am melting and soldering all over it? Never mind it wasn't that funny anyways. Oh and that is an etching station lurking at the back of the pic. Yay for ferric chloride with dinner!

My banging-stuff-about area is messy. And a little rusty on account of some seriously cold weather/condensation. sigh

Ack - my workbench is especially messy. Who can work like that? It's a disgrace!

Even my drawing space has been invaded.

And there are little bowls of half started projects all over the place. What on Earth is going on? Well it seems this is how I work - well it is when I am working towards creating a body of work. For an exhibition. In five weeks. (don't panic - exhale!) I am choosing to believe that this is my modus operandi - lotsa mess, minimal stuff to show for it followed by a massive sprint to the finish line. Uh huh. Maybe a tidy up is in order - but then again from chaos beauty is often born. Not sure who said that but I am putting my money on the idea!


Rustic Tarts said...

Oh I do like that quote and support it wholeheartedly! I thought it was ears cooking in your pan, in the first photo...eek!
Wow you do look busy, obviously SALA in 5 weeks? I was thinking I would have to check out when it was happening......keep working!

nicole said...

best of luck with the exhibition prep!
very appropriate quote i think :D

emma-alittlebitofeverything said...

Oh best of luck with the show! My studio looks like yours & I haven't done a thing with it. I love a creative mess but mine is rediculous! Beautiful cast pewter below.

Melissa said...

Looks fabulous to me and a little ferris with dinner never hurt anyone much..
5 weeks loads of time