Sunday, June 17, 2012

Flea Market Finds

Well this week certainly flew by! Perhaps because we had a holiday Monday? Perhaps because I had a massive clean up in my studio which is a brain-altering experience in itself? I did find time to hunt up some pretty baubles on an op shop excursion with a lovely friend (which makes it even more fun!) early in the week.

Lots of lovely blue things to reclaim this week.

Glossy cobalt coloured vintage glass beads.

Afghani style tumbled glass beads.

It is a hard to tell here, but these amazing bean beads are in fact navy blue!

Of course there were some shiny things to be had as well. The little cut steel beads on the bracelet are super scrummy and I reckon I can put that rhinestone medal to good use too.

This is a handwrought bracelet which has been enameled with sunshine y yellow. I reckon it was kiln fired because the enamel is so even. I could not resist the cheerfulness although I do intend to re-pupose it ...

This crusty, rusty chain has oodles of potential.

And after weeks of not finding any pewter mugs I hit the jackpot - a set of 6 in one Salvos!
The very best "thrifting" I did for the week was with two pals on the public holiday. We went for a bracing walk along the beach ...

and found lots of sun-bleached bits and pieces. Crab claws, lacy coral, sea glass and even a bone or two. Lovely. I also brought home an-almost-but-not-quite dessicated puffer fish but I will spare you images of that! It was a lovely day - yummy soup and 'smoffins' (think scone marries muffin of the savoury variety) followed by a clamber over rocks and sand in the company of the besties - it doesn't get much better than that.
I had almost forgotten about the give-away I was hosting ....

I asked Rex the Wonder Dog to choose and he sat on Vintage Sweetheart. Okay so he didn't literally sit on her, he parked his arse on the piece of paper that had her name on it! Congrats - a copy of the Swarovski Elements mag will be on its way soon. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. To see what the cool thrifting community is up to, head over to Sophies.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what creations you come up with., particularly the chain.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Lots of great finds to upcycle into new bits! yay for being a winner my friend will love it. xx

Crystal in Texas said...

I'm really liking your sea shore finds and that lovely yellow bracelet...I can just see it on the arm of a persimmon sweater! Beautiful stuff!

Vanessa said...

Loving checking out your blog and looking at all of your thrifted jewelry finds. :) Inspires me to try my luck in this niche.