Sunday, June 10, 2012

Flea Market Finds

It has been so cold this week that the temptation to go treasure hunting has been taken over by the temptation to stay indoors and drink hot Milo. I did venture out a couple of times for essential items - food and the post - and ducked into a couple of local oppies.

I fell in love with this lushy velvet jacket and since the op shop was having a "Everything $1 Sale" I decided I would risk it! Maybe I can team it up with a skirt and red boots? I wear such a lot of black and greay - it is nice to own something in such a lovely colour.

I actually found this gorgeous glass bowl stand a week ago. It is a bit wonky but I am pretty sure I can fix that. 

As luck would have it I also found a box of jewellery bits. It had heaps of those weird rubbery bangles in it and a few other dodgy plastic things but when I excavated the junk, some lovely bits and pieces were revealed.

Shiny things, carved things and useful little things - Heaven!

Lovely odd vintage ear-rings. I can't seem to get enough of these! Hope you had a good thrifting week. Joining in with Sophie to share the love.


Cathy said...

what a lot of lovely bits!

Poppy said...

It's hard to go wrong for $1! Vintage earrings make great sweater guards, I have quite a few pairs set aside for a rainy day craft session.