Sunday, September 6, 2009

Love is in the air - it is Springtime!

With Spring in the air I felt like making something a little Romantic. So, I gathered up some pearly bits, vintage brass findings and soft coloured beads and set to work. The result is this vintagy looking piece - slightly inspired in shape by a rosary. The filigree bit was an old brooch - it has something that looks like a white opal set in it and seemed so perfect for this piece that I had no hesitation in whipping off the pin, antiquing the metal and putting it to use! The lovely large bead is faux Cinnabar and was in fact a bit too white for my liking so I "antiqued" it using the old coffee in the microwave trick that Melissa perfected years ago to dye buttons etc. I couldn't resist a little "bling" - hence the Swarovski on the very end! All in all I love the romantic feel of this piece - kinda dreamy and reminiscent of a bygone era. Oh and how sweet is the little bird? It is made of shell and I found it in an odd earring from the oppie!

And something similar in pink - ah Paris the city of LURVE!


Melissa said...

These are looking very spring and yummie!

Anonymous said...

Ive just happened upon you through the australian beading
forum , and i love your vintage style, and i plan to have a go at the earring you posted a tutorial too.......