Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rock Chick Glamour.

So this is what you do when your baby child turns 16 - you make something you would never wear, that is suitable only for a young, gorgeous, non-crinkly neck/decolletage! I was having a little pity party (I mean how did I get old enough for my youngest to be 16 YEARS OLD for Heavens sake?) and started thinking back to what I was doing at his age and of course I was listening to and watching Madonna in all her lace,pearls and fingerless-gloved glory! This is my New Millennium take on the old Madonna ( I liked her better back then anyway! )


Rustic Tarts said...

It does look great - I can see lots of girls loving that.

Anonymous said...

MADONNA MADONNA MADONNA MADONNA . You know we LOVE that dance move!!!!

Melissa said...

How did WE get to be that OLD!!??
Looks kewl

WendyW said...

Hi Sue, I was surfing bloggs this rainy Sunday afternoon and came across yours! I love the Madonna necklace, is it for sale??!! Would love to purchase it, if it is! Can you please let me know. Thankyou!!