Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Workshop Wonders!

Today I conducted a workshop for the lovely Debbie - an aspiring jewellery artist who wanted to learn a bit more about metal and working with reclaimed materials. It was a great experience teaching one-on -one and I am not sure who got the most out of it, student or teacher!

Busy hands getting the hang of saw-piercing.

Debbie had never used a jewellery saw before today!

This was Debbbie's first sawing effort - cut from a copper penny - and she didn't even break a blade!

The heart takes shape.

This a spoon that we made into a pendant - there was sawing,filing,stamping,eyelet setting and wire wrapping involved - oh and adding patination!

Debbie also had a go at sawing material other than metal - the black butterfly is a vinyl record. She had just enough time to have a bit of a play with the doming block!

All in all Debbie was as proud as punch of her acheivements and I feel I have empowered another artisan to get out there and CREATE so I am very satisfied with that feeling! We handcrafters will take over the world one day! (insert evil laugh here!)


GetSilvered said...

Amazing work from Debbie. What a credit that is, to you as her teacher :) You both have every reason to be proud!

Rustic Tarts said...

Debbie did good! Wow, I can't believe how much she achieved....well done teacher!

Anonymous said...

You're just cool. x Kath.