Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Collectors and their collections.

I read an article today about people who make collections - I am talking about the truly epic ones that were the predecessor to the Museum. There are lots of collectors out there now who collect everything from key-rings to rare china. The popularity of shows like the Antiques Roadshow and the Collectors are testament that collecting ,as a pastime has lost none of its popularity since the Victorians assembled their Cabinets of Curiousity. Everyone knows that artists are mad collectors - they love stuff - whether to use in their work or to inform their work, they like to have objects around them. One theory about collectors is that by ordering their collection , they can impose some order on life which can often seem chaotic. Me, I think collectors like stuff because it speaks to them - sure there is the thrill of the chase in hunting down that illusive tea-pot or medal but I think the real thrill for an avid collector comes when they hold a sought after object in their hands and wonder at the stories it might reveal and the memories it evokes. Collecting is all about passion and I think to do it properly, it just has to be done from the heart! What do you think? Do you collect something special and what motivates you to seek out things to add to your collection. Me, I just like stuff. And I wouldn't mind a cabinet just like this one!

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Ro Bruhn said...

This looks like a great collection, shades of Keith Lo Bue or Michael deMeng. I wonder what's in the bottles and boxes.