Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flea market Finds - a bit lean this week!

This week I had a big clean out of my wardrobe - I sent heaps off to the op-shop and felt very satisfied with all the "new" space I suddenly had. Apart from the dropping off scenario, I didn't get to do much op-shopping so I don't have a lot to share for this weeks Flea Market Finds. I found this jacket in a local oppie - pretty well brand new and afterall, I did have some spare hanging space after the clean out ....

Hhhmm - not a very good photo I'm afraid - but trust me, it is cute and in excellent order - I have worn it twice this week! I love the big buttons and the sleeves which are not quite full length and have a flouncy bit - I do love a good flouncy bit! Actually it is a really good weight too - warm but not too warm - I hate feeling hot! For far more exciting finds than mine, head over to Sophie's and see what the other Hunter Gatherers have brought home this week!

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