Sunday, May 30, 2010

It must be Sunday - Flea Market Finds!

I didn't set out to go op-shopping this week - but you know, I happened to be passing one and if I didn't go in I would torment myself with thoughts of all the treasures that might have been lurking within - well you know how it goes! As it turns out I scored 2 really decent school jumpers for my son who, at nearly 17 has arms that seem to lengthen nightly! These jumpers are part of the school uniform and are really good quality and made to last but that doesn't help if your kids insist on growing! I won't share a pic of those  - I am sure we all have plenty of less-than-fond memories of school uniforms! I also found this lovely tin - it is not vintage or anything but since I plan to cut it up, that is just as well!

Pretty huh?!

I don't know what a "mooncake" is but I am pretty sure I would like it!

Another neat but not-really-vintage find was this book called "Decoupage Made Easy". I don't like the projects in it ( think Tracey Marsh circa early 90's - eeeewwww!) but at the back there are pages of images that I think could be put to good use ...

I'll spare you any pics of the actually projects but here are some of the images.

Some cute stuff and some "arty" stuff - I will probably scan them and muck about with them somehow.

The one thing I unearthed that  actually looks vintage was this wooden ruler for hem measuring - it is missing the little sliding doo-dad but since I won't be measuring skirts with it, it doesn't matter!
It was darn tricky to photograph so I apologise for the pic quality. Here is a close-up of those lovely numbers.

I added to my stash on Saturday morning I'm afraid.

Another white teapot for the installation I am making, a couple of teaspoons (given the spoon-drought a while back I have decided to NEVER pass them up!) and some stuff I plan to turn into displays for an exhibition. Oh and can you spot the killer tea cosy?

It came with the tea-pot which is one of those lovely old aluminum ones - made in England for the Carlton Hotel - just yummy! I also fell in love with the illustration in the little book. It is called "The Adventures Of Tom Thumb" and is by M.Jean Craig with illustrations by Haig and Regina Shekerjian - who was also known as Regina Tor. I have a quick search for some more info but haven't found anything of a biographical nature although it seems Regina was a prolific illustrator of kids books. If you know anything about her I would love to hear about it! Her are a few pics from the book I have.

 I love the use of the really bold red throughout the book - just touches of it here and there and occasionally as a bold patterned background. This copy is a first printing and is dated 1972. I am not sure if I love the reigned rat or am terrified of him - he looks a little malevolent!
If you were fossicking in the thrift stores this week, I hope your searches were fruitful. Head on over to Sophie's and check out all the goodies people have unearthed in Flea Market Finds.


sharingjam said...

love all of it = but especially the tin... what are you thinking of making?? Pendant? Broach?

Thea said...

I love decoupage. These are great images. Having said that, I have some Victoriana wrapping paper that I haven't been able to part with or cut up. I'll be interested to see what you do with the cut tin.

teddybearswednesday said...

I love those illustrations too, the sketchy quality with the small touches of red are lovely, but I also just love the illos. And I LOVE your tea cozy too. Great week.

Snooze said...

you had a great week ... every time I see spoons i can't help thinking of your spoon drought. what sort of spoons exactly do you want?

My Flea Market Find

nadine paduart said...

i'll have you know i am wondering at 'moon' cake too, but already absolutely love it... :)

Enchanted Moments said...

I so love a tea cosy, and CAN NOT ever pass one up, I sell them on my website and am always on the lookout for ones that look just like nana used to make...well done on your fossickig around this week!

Anonymous said...

OMG! A 'pin'apple tea-cosy, fancy a cuppa? Love Kath.

Bree Ferguson said...

I can't say I reccommend moon cake. We get given one every year around the moon festival from our bosses at work as they are chinese. Def an acquired taste.

Christina Lowry said...

My mother has her mothers hem measuring thing and it is just like that. How cool. What great finds! :)