Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pattern Making Mayhem

I have this top that I just love. It hides a multitude of sins and is soft and comfy but still looks good. Thing is though, I have worn it to death and whilst it is not exactly shabby, it is certainly not in its prime ( a bit like me I suspect!). Now this was an op-shop top that I bought years ago and I have never seen another like it - even in "real" clothing stores. I thought it had been lost at one stage and was  mighty upset. So, I decided to gird my loins and make a pattern from it and set to making myself anothery! I should point out that I haven't made a pattern for years - and even when I did I was always terribly grateful for stretch fabrics - gotta love easement! Of course there was no tracing paper in the workroom, so I snaffled the Glad-Bake out of the kitchen and set to work. I drafted the pieces fairly well (forgot about seam allowances though!) but what seems like a simple top is in fact deceptively complex - the front is actually made of 6 panels - all differing in shape - they kinda fit together like a jigsaw! The upshot was that I decided I should make a prototype - just to see if the pattern works before I go and spend my dollars on decent fabric. I only had a skerrick of stretchy fabric in the cupboard so it looks a bit odd - there will need to be a few pattern adjustments - adding seams for one thing but overall, I do believe it might just work! I sure made a mess getting there though!

 Fortunately, you can't see the floor in this pic - it was positively littered with screwed up bits of Glad-Bake- and I always like to add hints on my pattern pieces!

All in all, it reminded me why I like to make jewellery!


Anonymous said...

I recently had a favourite dress which I literally wore to death so decided I would take a pattern from it and make one...With careful precision I 'dissected' it piece by piece smugly thinking I would have the perfect pattern. I carefully cut out all the pieces and sewed them together with loving care....When completed I tried it on, it was an absolute disaster, it looked terrible even though the pattern was exactly the same as my favourite dress..In future I'll stick to sewing for my Granddaughters, I can handle that!!!!

Melissa said...

Well done, can't wait to see the finished one, I might have to put in an order.
Melissa X

Rustic Tarts said...

Is there anything you can't do??

My Handmadehappiness said...

so so have you go it done?!?!?!? i am intrigued :))) x