Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's baaaack! Yay!

I have found my beady mojo once more! After a reasonably long dry-spell, I am finally back in the saddle - or should I say studio beading up a storm. I think I have Christina to thank for this new-found enthusiasm. She asked me to create a necklace to go with an outfit she was wearing to an up-coming function - I got a pic of the dress and everything! For some reason I got fired up!  I made her two pieces - similar colours but completely different styles - it was great fun and just what I needed to get back into the swing of things.
Here is a piece I made this week - I think it is kinda elegant with a quirky twist. It is made from resin,glass and acrylic beads. The shiny grey ones said they were hematite, but I don't believe it - not that it matters too much 'cos I bought them for their looks alone - is that terribly shallow of me? I usually only care about how a bead looks, not what it is made of ... perhaps I am marginalising the beads, but I can't help it - they gotta look good!
I hope your week was as full of creative goodness as mine was, in one way or another!


BOB & MABEL said...

You've done a great job, it looks beautiful.

Rustic Tarts said...

I'm very happy to have helped you regain your mojo! Now I just need to regain my blogging mojo.
Photos coming your way tomorrow (internet has been down today).

Megan said...

that is indeed a very stylish necklace. good to hear you've got your mojo back - if you find mine hanging around send it my way!!

nothing worse than missing mojo i reckon.