Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Light Square installation.

On Monday m I finally installed a mob of kangaroos in Light Square in the Adelaide CBD. 135 of them in fact. The concept behind the installation was rather simple I wanted to kindle a little rural/urban connection and what better way to say it than with our most recognisable icon? There have been moves afoot to dual name the city squares with English and Kaurna names. The proposed Kaurna name for Light Square is "wauwe" which means small grey female kangaroo.

It seemed like such alot of kangaroos in the making and I had ltons of help from the lovely Kathy and The ManBeast. Strangely once they were in that big open space those 135 kangas seemed to take up hardly any room at all!

I had two marvellous helpers on the installation day in Ellen and Jakob. We had a lovely time even though the ground was hard and the weather hot.

Permission wasn't sought for this installation but no-one seemed to mind us putting these critters up.

Judging by the response of passing motorists and pedestrians it would seem that Aussies love their kangaroos - certainly everyone seemed pleased to see them. They were all still present and accounted for the next day although a few had blown over in the ghastly North wind that was gusting about. It will be interesting to see how long they remain there. I hope people take them home and put them in their gardens - or maybe in other parts of the CBD.  Do you think that when city folks see them that their thoughts will turn to the people and animals that occupy the rural landscapes of this great country? I hope so. 


Enchanted Moments said...

Id love one, can I pop into town and grab one?

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that your intentions lead people's thoughts.
I love that this is an un-permissioned installation.

Melissa said...