Sunday, November 18, 2012


Well last week saw me having a complete spam-meltdown so apologies for not putting "Thrift-a-long" up. Whilst the spam continues to be annoying it is not freaking me out as much! Life has gotten so busy of late that there hasn't been much opportunity for thrifting here I'm afraid. I did manage one little sally which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I am looking forward to the summer holidays. Lazy days for reading and mooching about. With that in mind I purchased a bunch of crime novels - just the ticket for whiling away a few hours. I had to have the lovely book on Mexico that is in the background - it is full of stunning photos - it can go in the "summer dreaming" category! Irealise that I was trying to impose a tin moratorium but really who am I kidding? One look at a paisley patterned tin and I am a goner and all my good intentions are goners too.

 I am loving all the colours and patterns that are out this summer. These beads are for wearing for once rather than re-using and the dear little purse is so appealing with that kinda "Santa-Fe" look going on. I made it mine and have used it already! This trip to the oppie was well deserved i thought - I have been slaving away at my bench and really needed to have a break. Thrifting is the best kind of retail therapy isn't it - so much variety and you get to go home with some fun stuff without having to take out a second mortgage. Or have that sinking feeling when the credit card statement arrives ....
Hope you have all had some fun in the op shops this week. You know the drill by now - click on the link below and SHARE!!!


emma-alittlebitofeverything said...

We all need time out & charity shop shopping & a good read is what I'd choose, too!

LOVE that beautiful unicorn below ;)

Melissa said...

The books look good you were right of course to pick up the tin.