Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm late, I'm late - but I must take a photo ...

Dear old Adelaide is not as renowned for its lane-ways and graff-art as Melbourne, although there has been a spate of quite excellent paste-ups recently - I think their impermanence renders them kinda polite graffiti which also kinda suits Adelaide. Still the other day I was rushing to Uni and took a lane I don't usually use and just had to stop and take some snaps of some really vibrant wall art.

I was rushing because my train was delayed and I needed to meet with a fellow artist to set up an installation - we were on a deadline! All ended well though and we were able to set up in time. Our brief for this installation was to create a Cabinet of Curiousity in response to a visit to the Museum of Economic Botany. This museum has some great stories to tell about our interconnectedness with plants. It made us think about sustainability - much of the variety shown in the museum is now missing in the real world and also the role of the museum in preservation of both objects and stories.We chose to create some plantforms that a future museum might house - hybrid botanicals that have morphed with the junk redolent in our dirt.

 We filled the cabinet with layers of plastic rubbish and polystyrene

Instead of placing our objects within the cabinet, we decided to place them on top

The plant forms

We cast the forms with soap - something we use daily that we hope will remind us of the daily impact we have on our environment.

This process was a bit fraught as neither of us had any real casting experience. We learned a lot and I am delighted with the outcome - a contemporary Cabinet of Curiousity. It seemed to  generate some interest and discussion almost immediately so that is a good response. It was great to work collaboratively with an artist that I was so insync with - it doesn't always happen and when it does - magic!

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Melissa said...

WOW, love the cabinet, great work and art in lane ways, who knew, but you take care rushing down laneways.