Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sewing Adventures

I had a lot of fun on the week-end. I watched my son play soccer for the first time this season. I ate knackwurst and sauerkraut in a roll. And, I broke out the sewing machine.As I mentioned in my last post I wanted to make a top like one I had purchased - from a real store with real money.  Firstly, I had to make a pattern.

 Now since I was planning to sew this out of stretch fabric I didn't worry about straight lines etc 'cos I figured with the stretchy stuff you always get a certain amount of "easement". I had a fish through my cupboard and found some fabrics to add to my Dollar Day op-shop finds that I showed you in my last post. It took a bit of juggling and I had to quell my natural instinct to include a bit of every fabric and managed to keep it tonal. I had some concerns about this bold pattern - I don't want to look like a Jester afterall.

I paired it with some plainer fabrics - I even managed to include the pocket of the cardie I was cutting up ...

So after a bit of faffing about choosing the fabrics, this is what I had laid out ready to sew.

It is so easy to make - you just have to remember to put the bits together in the right order. On Sunday the lovely Miss Kath paid me a visit and we made a whole schebang of these! (5 I think!)

I still have to finish the hems and add a few details - like some buttons to the pocket but I am Big Kev excited about my new Autumn/Winter wardrobe! They are long enough to wear with leggings but look good with jeans too. I will  layer these up with tees and cardies as the weather gets cooler. Being uber stretchy is a real bonus for a shapely girl like me - so comfy! So there you have it - Super Sewing Adventures with Sue - hee hee!


Anonymous said...

Some serious recycling! Five you say? Well done.

Mogs Designs said...

Super Sewing Sue, I'll put in my order, they look fabulous!

Rustic Tarts said...

Very designer-ish and right up my alley! (that makes it sound like I only wear designer clothes but I meant that I really like them)

NuminosityBeads said...

Love it! That's the kind of style I would totally love to sport! Selling any patterns? :)

xoxo Kim