Thursday, November 26, 2009

spotty dotty!

The thing with obsessions is that they sart innocently enough .... I needed a bead - it had to be round, black and spotty. It had to be a certain size. Of course in the vastness that is my bead stash this bead could not be found. So, I decided I would MAKE the exact bead required and happily it turned out well. However it soon became evident that just ONE spotty bead would not be enough - and so they multiplied and multiplied - now I think they are taking over my world as I am starting to see spots EVERYWHERE!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Drumroll please ...

I am ready to announce the winners of the give-away - sorry it is a bit late - Sunday melted into Monday which just kinda up and became Tuesday! Anyway, we used the good old names-in-a-hat method to draw the two winners who are : Pam at Get Silvered and Laurel over at Miss Muggins . So ladies if you would like to email me your postal address I can send your pretties on their way! Congrats - hope you have as much joy from wearing them as I did making them!
Yay for blog pals!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finally the Siren call of the studio has lured me in to get to work! These are part of a new "range" I am making for a local boutique - a litle up-market store that sells lovely and mostly handcrafted items. I was hoping to be a bit further along by now but ah well!

This one is made from recycled silverware ( a tray ), sterling silver and the beads are yellow turqouise (eventhough it is more green than yellow!) and olive jade.

This one is also meade using a recycled tray but instead of using semi-precious stones I have collected up a bunch of brightly coloured glass, acrylic and wood beads. There are a couple of lampworked beads in there too! This one is full of Festive fun and looks so bubbly when it is on!

Cutting out square things is always a bit of a challenge for me - I am just not that good at "straight" - so there was a bit of filing to do on these! It was wonderful to be back at the bench though and I loved making these!


Everything has seemed a big effort lately and of course the blog has been the first thing to go by the wayside. Despite being a remarkably slack blogger I have in fact clocked up 50 posts! Yippeee! To celebrate I would like to give away some earings. I have 2 pairs to go to two people ( 1 pair each!) and all you have to do is leave a comment here and if you are so inclined,a link back here on your blog. I will announce the winner next Sunday.

These are a new design I have been working on and are made from crockery shards and sterling silver. The red ones were a vase and also have a little bead on the front. The blue ones are made from one of those sweet little noodle bowls. Both were sourced from the op shop - of course! They have a little hook at the back that acts as a closure - you will have seen them in this post - which makes them nice and secure. I have made them a little shorter than the originals so they hang about 3cms below your lobe.

Here's Cheers to another 50 posts!