Thursday, February 28, 2013


Poor blog - I have abandoned you for a while ... I blame the lure of Facebook and the ease of posting over there!  The idea of jewellery having talismaic benefits is not a new idea at all. Body adornments to ward off bad stuff and attract good stuff are as old as - well as old as jewellery itself I reckon. Recently the eldest daughter, who lives far away, told me that she especially chooses to wear my jewellery when she feels the need for a little protection or comfort - thus bestowing amulet or talisman status on the stuff I have given her. I like to think that she is wearing a hug from me. That is because I am her Mum. - and I AM middle-aged ... So in light of that conversation and in deference to a new need to wear shorter necklaces (don't want a necklace trailing into your customers soup now do you?!), I made her a couple of newbies...

This one is made using an old brass curtain ring, brass form a tray and pewter. I used some belt components to create a chain which then joins onto some recycled cotton - made from an old tshirt. Reckon I mentioned those brass belt bits in my last post.

The sugar skully is made from a vintage spoon and my current obsession with plastic lids! I am chalking this one up to experience as I think it needs something to create a better skull shape ...

I think this one is my favourite - mostly because the dolls eye is brown and that is kinda rare in the world of dolls it seems.The base is a vintage spoon, there is a brass bit from a belly dancers belt there and I cut the little heart from an old brass tray. The key is actually a pewter casting of a vintage key and the hand is a casting that I made of a piece of 70's jewellery. Again I have used t shirt material to craete the hanging mechanism.

These were just for fun - a little bit creepy but who can resist a hat wearing skull? There are lovely long tassels hanging underneath so they have plenty of swish. I had a great time making all these pieces for my girlie and love the idea that she will wear them and think of me. Besides, she is drop dead gorgeous and acts like a walking billboard for my work - love and self-promotion - gotta be a winning combo don't ya think?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The beadies are speaking to me ...

Today I found some lovely, earthy beady bits in the op shop ...

They made me want to make some tribalesque necklaces. I also found this belt ...

It was in pretty bad shape but look at all those metal components - who could resist for a buck? So when I got home I hurried off to my studio and started to play around with my new treasures.

This was the first creation. From here on in they just kept getting bigger ...

See the chain - it is constructed from a variety of rings and those amazing belt components! I used brass curtain rings for the centre dangles.

The fish vertebrae from my op shop purchase inspired this piece - a kinda monochromatic seascape! The brain coral is a piece I collected whilst beachcombing with my besties.

In the end I couldn't resist making a colourful piece! This one features a spoon cross I made some time ago and my own version of a "kuchi coin". Oh and a little red enameled flower that didn't make it into a bracelet.

All this goes to show that inspiration can be found anywhere - and a solid afternoons' work can turn inspiration into reality!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bold as Brass ..

I am currently just a little bit in love with brass. In fact I am bonkers about it! I have been working hard to fulfill orders and requests and stock for shops and have had a busy and productive week-end. Not before time mind you - holiday mode seems to have hung around longer than usual this year ..

 Warm but shiny - love mixing up my metals.

Copper, brass and pewter on handmade sterling hooks. All the brass came from the base of one tray I got in the op-shop ... it went a long way ...

I used my hydraulic press to form these. The 'pods' are made of pewter.

I scratched 'em up pretty good huh? Well I want them to look aged ...

These are just FUN! I polished them up and then gave them a bit of a patina. Might have to make myself a pair of these!

And round 2 ...

cuffs and more ear-rings ...

'organic' dangles

recycled glass beads on copper headpins

I salvaged the glass beads - I reckon they have been dyed but i love the dusty vintage pinkness of 'em!

recycled glass beads, rainbow fluorite and recon turquoise. Again on copper headpins - shiny this time.

Definitely has a BoHo vibe about it don't you think?

Simple but pretty. One for the romantics out there. Well Valentines Day is coming up ...

Friday, February 1, 2013

making day

The sky is overcast and gloomy and it has been cold the last few days. Unusual for this time of year but it does make you long to cosy up indoors and make stuff. My daughter came up today for a "making day". It was lovely. On the week-end her brother had given her some stencils as a birthday pressie so we put them to good use. She made t shirts (pics on another day!) and I made a journal cover. Together we made quite a bit of joyful mess!

Paint and stuff everywhere.

My daughter showed me how to make these graduated colours ...

 After I had stenciled I got to cut and stitch and embellish - heaps of fun!

Is there a better way to spend the day?