Sunday, November 25, 2012


I snuck in one very quick look around a local thrift store this week. That's right - one! And it was very quick ... Still, since I am not currently on the look-out for anything specific perhaps it is just as well. I had a half baked idea that I might find something wonderful to wear to a few events that are coming up but it just wasn't meant to be I'm afraid. I didn't leave empty handed though - I found some rather glamourous vintage rhinestone ear-rings. They are lovely and sparkly and a classic style. So, even if I have to wear a daggy outfit , my ears will look glam ...

Pretty no? I hope you all had more time to get to the oppies or flea markets in your area than I did. If you would like to share some pics of your treasures that would be great - just click on the link below

Thursday, November 22, 2012

new makings ...

Playing around with enamels today.

Flowers on stems

All torch-fired

Kinda crusty - just how I like 'em.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Light Square installation.

On Monday m I finally installed a mob of kangaroos in Light Square in the Adelaide CBD. 135 of them in fact. The concept behind the installation was rather simple I wanted to kindle a little rural/urban connection and what better way to say it than with our most recognisable icon? There have been moves afoot to dual name the city squares with English and Kaurna names. The proposed Kaurna name for Light Square is "wauwe" which means small grey female kangaroo.

It seemed like such alot of kangaroos in the making and I had ltons of help from the lovely Kathy and The ManBeast. Strangely once they were in that big open space those 135 kangas seemed to take up hardly any room at all!

I had two marvellous helpers on the installation day in Ellen and Jakob. We had a lovely time even though the ground was hard and the weather hot.

Permission wasn't sought for this installation but no-one seemed to mind us putting these critters up.

Judging by the response of passing motorists and pedestrians it would seem that Aussies love their kangaroos - certainly everyone seemed pleased to see them. They were all still present and accounted for the next day although a few had blown over in the ghastly North wind that was gusting about. It will be interesting to see how long they remain there. I hope people take them home and put them in their gardens - or maybe in other parts of the CBD.  Do you think that when city folks see them that their thoughts will turn to the people and animals that occupy the rural landscapes of this great country? I hope so. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Well last week saw me having a complete spam-meltdown so apologies for not putting "Thrift-a-long" up. Whilst the spam continues to be annoying it is not freaking me out as much! Life has gotten so busy of late that there hasn't been much opportunity for thrifting here I'm afraid. I did manage one little sally which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I am looking forward to the summer holidays. Lazy days for reading and mooching about. With that in mind I purchased a bunch of crime novels - just the ticket for whiling away a few hours. I had to have the lovely book on Mexico that is in the background - it is full of stunning photos - it can go in the "summer dreaming" category! Irealise that I was trying to impose a tin moratorium but really who am I kidding? One look at a paisley patterned tin and I am a goner and all my good intentions are goners too.

 I am loving all the colours and patterns that are out this summer. These beads are for wearing for once rather than re-using and the dear little purse is so appealing with that kinda "Santa-Fe" look going on. I made it mine and have used it already! This trip to the oppie was well deserved i thought - I have been slaving away at my bench and really needed to have a break. Thrifting is the best kind of retail therapy isn't it - so much variety and you get to go home with some fun stuff without having to take out a second mortgage. Or have that sinking feeling when the credit card statement arrives ....
Hope you have all had some fun in the op shops this week. You know the drill by now - click on the link below and SHARE!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

How much mess can a messy maker make?

Rather a lot apparently! I have been busy collaging together some metal to create an object that will be part of a print installation. (How come when I say that out loud is sounds so wanky ..!?) Anywat it is a good excuse to clutter up the kitchen table and make a mess ...

note the coffee cup - this was a 3 cup job ....

all the fun stuff - tools, metal and glue!

my collage is taking shape. How handy is that gaffer tape stuff for clamping tricky bits? Love it! Of course this work is due next week so I really needed to get on to it - it has taken a goodly while to gather up the rusty metals and other odds and sods required. I am now the Queen of Pop Rivetters by the way. Just saying.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

And the loveliest of all ...

was the UNICORN!

Made from reclaimed pewter and a recycled wooden tray. The very beginnings of an exhibition called "Woodland Whimsy".

And a brooch too. Of all the whimsical critters lurking in the woods I think I would like to meet a unicorn most of all.

bah ha ha ha - I couldn't resist inflicting - er- I mean sharing that classic piece of music history with you!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The time has come ...

Sorry I have had to do this but I have added that word verification thingo to my blog because the spam I have been receiving this week has been ridiculous. OUT.OF.CONTROL. I will trial this for a while - hate it 'cos I think it is a pain but hate the spam more .. Any better ideas out there about how to contain the sods who spam and I would love to hear 'em!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I have to say that finding time for op shopping has become increasingly tricky lately - the "to do" list doesn't seem to be getting any smaller and it feels just a bit like skiving off if I don't keep my nose to the grindestone... However we all know that productivity is increased with a little R&R so I have decided that thrifting could come under that heading, and hence, managed the odd forage or two this week. I bought the  ManBeast a hat - not a true Akubra but of that ilk - but with mesh ventillation. He has one already. Well two actually - a grubby work on and a cleaner "good "one but they are terribly hard to find new. He is fairly specific about the features of the hat so I was very happy to snap up a brand new, albeit a little crushed, one for just two bucks. I shall spare you a photo. I had a happy haul of a few nice things that have nothing to do with the boring practicalities of keeping the ManBeasts' noggin in the shade ...

Oh dear - more tins - and I haven't shown you the complete haul - I promise to be stronger about this 'cos I am running outta storage room! No more tins from the oppie for Sue! sigh. There are some pretty beads to repurpose amongst that lot and I was particularly happy with the brass door furniture. They will make excellent bezels I reckon.

The lovely tin with the rather Western looking Japanese woman printed on it actually describes a tea ceremony.  I daresay it is from the Sixties and I daresay I won't be cutting it up ...

This has the caption "Ritsko shows the cup for tea"

Here we see "Ritsko with 'fuksa' - or tea napkin" There is one more pic of Ritsko which I haven't shown you but rest assured that she is keen for you to visit and that you are indeed "Welcome at the tea ceremony". Interestingly, this tin was printed in Australia and made by Willow. Just as a point of interest - Willow took good care of their workers and in 1964 formalised that tradition by instituting a superannuation plan - and it was  applied retrospectively to each worker based on the date they commenced work for the company! Given the number of jobs that have just been lost in the manufacturing sector this week in South Australia, that little bit of history that demonstrated a company's determination to provide security for their staff seems nothing short of miraculous. (sorry - that may have been a soapbox moment)

More door furniture! The key hole bits made my heart go pittypat ...

Isn't that gorgeous? I hope you had some time to hit up the op-shops this week. You can share your finds by clicking on the link below ...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Beady Eyed ...

It has been a good long while since I sat down and made some beaded jewellery. No wonder I used to make so much of it - it is great fun - and easier on the hands than all that metal work! Seems I was channeling my inner Frida today ...

 I started out making some flowers - I used to make these years and years ago - usually out of 'natural' coloured wood beads for a surfie range. Today it was all about colour - and then I decided they should all go together! They are each about the size of a 50 cent piece.  Then I thought some ear-rings would be fun ...

Apologies for the quality of the pictures - I wanted to share them RIGHT NOW and of course have taken the photos indoors in poor light ... still you get the idea right? These babies are about as big as a 20 cent piece and look substantial but are light as light because they are made predominately of wood beads.
I can see myself returning to this theme - I love all that colour! Maybe I could make some really big ones ...?