Friday, December 18, 2009

Latest foray to the op shop.

On a recent op shop trawl I found a few little treasures. I was actually dropping stuff off but it is impossible to go into an oppie and not have a "quick look"!

What could be better - a jar of buttons, a willow pattern saucer, a brass buckle, rhinestone ear bobs, vintage black beads and some old pearls! Oh and the little bakelite dolly with articulated limbs!

She has rally blue eyes and is a bit sad looking but I thought she was pretty cute! The pearls washed up ok although plenty of them lost their coating and are now lovely milky white glass beads in my collection! Ah the joys of treasure hunting!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The middle nest flyer arrived home from the UK today and I am beside myself with unadulterated joy! I was a little unprepared for just how overwhelmed with happiness I was to see her beautiful face after a year! (there were BIG tears - more than when she left ...). Suddenly, all feels right with my world and I think I might even be able to exhale now! I may have to stop gazing at her, following her about the house and patting her fairly soon or she will get cranky with me! Just for now though I plan to remain velcroed to her side! Welcome home baby!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Art Bazaar!

A few weeks ago AC Arts in Light Square held an Arts Bazaar. Students past and present came along to sell their wares! There were some great things - prints, painting,jewellery,ceramics and these cute handmade books. The covers are made from leather clothing from the op shop!

These badges were made from old comic and advertisments - just had to have a few of those!

Some of my fellow artists and their work - screenprints, sculpture and painting.

The foyer was abuzz with activity and goodies! I took home a couple of etchings from both these girls!

It only went for four hours and was terrific fun! Great way to buy some quality art at good prices. It is an annual event so next year I will give you all the heads-up prior to the actual event

Charmed I'm sure!

These are some bracelets I made for the recent Art Bazaar. The charms have been cut from old trays etc and then embelisshed with rivetted brass, text etc. Sadly, I forgot to take photos of a dear little owl and a birdy (with the word "Fly" riveted on) befor e I sold them! Glad I got my act together for these! The mushroom is my fave - might be the spotty beads I used though!

("Arty Farty" went to a woman whose partner is a man of science and always refers to her as being "arty farty"!)

I domed or folded all of the charms to give them a more 3D effect. They look great hanging so that they fall on top of the hand but cute hanging under as well!