Sunday, September 25, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Hayfever and making stuff has kept me pretty well housebound this week so there hasn't really been any treasure seeking for me. sigh. During a search for a specific jewellery component (which I knew I had somewhere!), I unearthed a little stash of vintage stamps from a previous op-shop adventure. I remember these from my own Primary School years!

Words of encouragement...

A very Royal looking crown ...

An Aussie icon ...

I don't recall ever getting this one ...

.A Mullet - why not?!

Miss Muffett - very cute.

There are all sorts of animals, trucks and so forth but I must say my favourites are the text ones with their "positive reinforcement" messages ...

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Creative Space

Well I have been beavering away putting together some beady goodness for an upcoming 3 day event - which might go some way to explaining my bloggy absence of late ...
My desk is covered in beads and findings - I had to have a little clean-up this morning so that I didn't have to keep burrowing under the beads to find what I was looking for! In a perfect world/studio I wouldn't let it get so out of hand and put things back where they belong as I use them - pfft - yeah right! I do have some organisation going on - it looks a bit like this ...

The surface of the desk is quite another matter I'm afraid!

Bits and pieces everywhere - I should confess that this was taken post tidy-up!

Yep - little bowls of treasure all over the place - it is probably not a very efficient way to go about things but I love the little groupings and I am often surprised and delighted by what my bowls yield  - stuff I have forgotten about or worse, knew I had but couldn't remember what I did with them? Who doesn't do that?!

Today was mostly about making dreamy pieces with a vintage feel - lots of pearls and flowers. Soft shades and neutral colours - very feminine and peaceful to create too!

My mannequin is literally dripping with adornments - what a riot of colour and textures! Oh my goodness I have had alot of fun haven't I? Of course now begins the boring admin stuff - labeling and pricing! Pity I can't just put a sign on my stall "100 bucks each - knock yourself out!" - have a feeling that won't wash!
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Colouring my World ...

Not much beats colour on metal as far as I am concerned and torch-fired enamels must be my favourite way of making that happen.

I wanted to make some 'tribal' looking pieces so I was aiming for that rustic, buried in the Earth for a squllion years kinda thing ...

This one has a couple of colours on it and I fired it until it was super glowing! That helps give it that worn and aged look.

Of course if I have the enamels out, there is no way I am gonna pass up the chance to make something red. Again, I fired it with my torch and added a little charcoal enamel whilst it was still warm and fired it again.

The swallow is not at all "tribal" - in fact I used some lovely vintage bits and pieces on this one along with some shiny stuff. Still, it just goes to show how versatile this method of using enamel is, because I really like the look of this. Again I used a few colours to add a bit of texture and depth.

These discs look good enough to eat don't they? I will be making these into ear-rings. Mmmmm - shineee, mmmmm - colourful - that is a whole lot of "yumm" if you ask me!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The beadies were calling me ...

This afternoon my beads beckoned and unable to resist their Siren call, I sat down and made a few pieces. Strangely, it seemed it was the black and white/cream beads that called out the loudest. That being the case, I have a few pieces to share - may I present "The Black and White Story" (okay, I had my tongue planted firmly in my cheek when I typed that! )

These are lovely wooden beads strung on cotton cord - they look amazing on - kinda like a collar.

I decided a little "vintage"would be nice too and these have the added bonus of sparkle!

Something a little Victorian - I really enjoy using those gunmetal faceted crystals - very classy.

I braided over chain to create this asymmetrical stretchy bracelet. I have one like this and like wearing it 'cos it is easy to take on and off!

Detail of the tassle and coin dangle. I also made a black and silver version of this bracelet.

These ear-rings are made using some components from Susan Lenart Kazmer's range -

Now I am off to pop some of these on Etsy. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I had a mini-hunt around local oppies this week - generally they were a bit uninspiring - perhaps I just didn't have my thrifty mojo on! I did scare up two really nice textile pieces though. One is a hand embroidered table cloth and the other a batik panel.

They are very different styles but what attracted me to both of them was of course the lovely birds. I just can't go past them really!

I especially love the way this batik one has been printed in 3 colours. I was so inspired by the design that I fished out some lino and carved a small block.

Sadly I have black, black or black ink so I couldn't print a multi-coloured bird - I would like to though!

I printed my bird on a few different papers and fabrics too.

I think it has the potential to find its way onto any number of things - journals, clothes, cards - the list goes on. I may even carve myself another one in 3 parts and get that colour thing happening ...
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Houston ... we have lift off!

Sue Garrard on Etsy has launched. At last. Go there now. Please. Then come back and tell me what you think.  All feedback welcome. I especially like the nice kind!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Murder, Mystery and a Long Lunch ...

On the week-end some friends and I were chatting about books over a long lunch. Miss Melissa mentioned she had been reading Agatha Christie books whilst she had been tucked up in bed with the 'flu. It got me to thinking how there are certain books/authors who become like old friends - always there for you, always entertaining and even though you know them well, they can still surprise you! I love a good old fashioned murder/mystery and Agatha is definitely my favourite author in that genre. Okay so Conan-Doyle is no slouch in the area but I still think that Aggie tops him!I love the era of her stories, the settings, the characters - it may be a formula, but it definitely works for me. Of course one of the best features of the books is that you know when you turn the last page everything will be neatly tied up and all problems solved. What a relief! Now my favourite detective from the Christie stable just has to be Hercule Poirot. I love this funny little Belgian and his quaint habits. Even his ego, which is the size of a planet is cute! Of the Poirot's that have graced our screens, David Suchet has been my favourite. The whole show had WINNER written all over it - great sets, art deco everywhere you looked and Suchet is a very dapper fella. Do you remeber the opening credits? Here is a little reminder ...

As a little tribute to my favourite detective, I have created a special piece of jewellery. This brooch has been modelled after a feature that Poirot was rather vain about - his moustaches. I give you (drumroll here please Maestro ...)

The Poirot!

Hee hee - how much fun is that! I am loving the idea of wearing a mo on my jumper! These will be hitting my Etsy store soon! Oh - of course I still  have to set up an Etsy store but it is coming ...
Now for all those other David Suchet/Poirot tragics out there I have another little offering from youtube. Enjoy!