Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Other fun stuff about travelling.

One of the best things about a driving holiday,is finding quirky places in the towns you travel through. For as long as I have known Melissa, she has created under the title of Mogs Designs. There is a story behind the name but since it is her story to tell, you can head over to her blog and ask her to tell it!

Imagine my surprise when I saw a sign that said "Mogs Antiques".  I just had to stop for a photo.

Well, I am glad I did stop because just have a look at this amazing place ...
... And that was just the OUTSIDE! You should have seen it inside - literally packed to the rafters with stuff! Some junk, some collectible stuff , antiques and everything from American license plates to fine bone china and truly, everything in between! The owner is clearly not that discerning about what they keep and what they chuck! Still, it was fun to poke through - albeit a tad dusty!

Someone who is discerning about the goods she keeps in her shop, is Kelly from Dear Prudence in Ballarat. The shop has gorgeous vintage wares - china and pictures, jewellery and clothing - lots of stuff, but beautifully presented and sorted. Kelly also fosters emerging artists by hosting regular exhibitions at the shop. Kelly gave me the scoop on where to go in Daylesford and I visited every place she suggested and had a great time.So, if you find yourself in Ballarat anytime soon, head to 434 Sturt Street and say Hi to Kelly and enjoy her lovely shop.

Monday, March 29, 2010

An Artful Journey of the Utmost Kind.

When my dear friend Melissa sent me a gorgeous handcrafted journal to document my artful adventure to Victoria, I made a promise not to censor /edit my scribblings! Of course the end result looks a bit dubious but I guess when I look back on it, I will be glad to have such an accurate record. Here are a few pages so you can see how it looks ...
This was Day 1 -it was a beautiful drive and I found an op-shop!

I loved having different surfaces to write on and Melissa included "windows" and hidey-holes that I could put mementos in.

These are two of the stamps I made in Ro's class - just had to try them out!

It was also fun to try and incorporate some of the words Melissa had stamped into my journaling.
If you would like to see another journal made by another talented craftswoman head over to Rustic Tarts and check out the one Christina has made for her upcoming epic adventure.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flea Market Finds

During my travels last week, I managed to find a few op-shops open for business and happy to relieve me of some dollars! I loved the ones in the little towns on the way over to Melbourne but I must say they seem to be a bit more expensive than our South Aussie ones. Having said that, I did manage to find 5 decent tops for studio work for just one dollar each. I bought a number of little bits and pieces along the way but this piece was my favourite ...

I bought him in Daylesford. He has had a few repairs but actually works! Who could resist?

I also really liked this vintage fabric which I hope ( with the help of a couple of dear pals - hint hint!) to make into a skirt.

I thought these little crown buttons were too cute to pass up and I plan to use the upholstery nails straight away to fix up a chair for my daughters' flat.

I didn't get to join in Sophies meme last week so I am looking forward to catching up with all the interesting things everyone has found.
Hope you have all had a wonderful Treasure-Hunting week!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The best things in life are the people you meet ...

Sometimes, life puts wonderful people directly in your path. Just lately I was lucky enough to cross paths with some very talented,interesting creative women and I thought I would share them with you!
Firstly let me introduce you to Julie my bench buddy during our lessons with Susan Lenart Kazmer.
Julie made some wonderful pieces. She is very talented, with a really distinct style. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a more thoughtful bench buddy. We exchanged ideas and skills and chattered away about everything and nothing! I think SLK was a real inspiration for Julie and I watched her 'light up" as her creative desires became realities in the classroom.
Then there was the lovely Ro who was not only a student but also a teacher. I took Ro's stamp carving class and it was a really meditative experience. Ro is a generous and calm teacher but bubbles with enthusiasm for her crafts. Check out her work over here.
 Here she is busy making some amazing resin papers in Susan's class.

Now I am a bit annoyed that I don't have any photos of Jen to show you. This lady is pure goodness from the top of her head to the tip of her toes! She is cheeky and funny. Oh and did I mention that she is an awesome maker? Head over to her blog to see for yourself and I bet you will fall in love too!

Of course I couldn't blather on about "great people I have met" without mentioning the Diva herself - Susan Lenart Kazmer. This is an inspiring woman who connects so easily with the people around her that it is a good thing she doesn't have any plans for world domination! A truly gifted artist whose boundless energy seems to spark and light little creative fires in everyone she meets. I learned far more than techniques from Susan. She spoke with such passion and conviction about her creative path. She was accessible and generous and I felt full to bursting with renewed energy and self-belief after 4 days in her company. I also have to mention her delightful sister Cheri - an artist in her own right and also a very warm and funny woman to boot.
Truly, I may be a little star-struck but spending time in Susan's classes has had a big impact on me and I expect the evidence of that impact will trickle out for quite awhile.
And here she is - engaged in lively conversation, tool belt at the ready and fairly bristling with creative energy! The Divine Ms Susan Lenart Kazmer. (sigh!)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm baaaack!

Oh my goodness, a week away from Blogland and I feel like I have missed out on a years worth of reading and posting! I have a lot of catching up to do. Last week I headed off on an "Artful Journey Of The Utmost Kind" and had the opportunity to attend classes with the divine Susan Lenart Kazmer. I've been carrying a torch for her and her work for quite some time now. It is always possible that actually meeting your idol might dim the flame a little bit, but  my "girl-crush" on the delightful SLK continues to burn brightly. Turns out that not only is she a terrifically talented artist but a warm and generous human being too! She has a really hearty laugh, quick wit and seems to delight in sharing her gifts. What a woman! If you are not familiar with her work nip on over here and have a squizz.I will tell you more about the Art Retreat this week but I just wanted to share a couple of pics from my journey! It is a reasonable drive from the Barossa to the Dandenongs and I am glad I had a sleep-over halfway!

 I had my i-Pod and my dashboard buddies for company!
There were inevitable roadworks and trucks along the way and these guys didn't seem to mind when I sang along with Regina Spektor at top note. If the kids had been in the car there would have been complaints and serious eye rolling! I really enjoyed the drive over and back - I love the countryside and the towns along the way. I had to drive through Melbourne ( not the CBD but the crazy highway/ East link thingo) and I found that a bit challenging - so many trucks that seem to be going too fast, masses of roadworks and speed limit changes! Still, I have lived to tell the tale so it couldn't have been too traumatic now could it?!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Tomorrow I am off on a wonderful adventure - an art retreat - and guess what arrived in the letterbox today?! A beautifully handcrafted journal made by my dear friend Melissa! It has a fabric cover and the pages are made from all sorts of recycled paper things - envelopes and cards and maps etc. Every page is different and exciting and I can't wait to fill it up with tales of my trip! There are little pockets and windows to put special things in and just the right amount of area to write in - enough to keep a good record but not too much intimidating blank space.
How lucky am I? And how thoughtful is my friend? I have to admit I went the sook a bit when I unwrapped it!
Melissa has called it "An Artful Journey Of The Utmost Kind" - too delightful for words huh?!
 This is what it looks like ...

I have already put pens (3 colours!) and some photos of friends and family in the front pocket. I have packed a tonne of stuff to take with me - good thing I am driving to Victoria - I would have definitely exceeded the luggage allowance on a plane - I probably would have had to buy two tickets!
Have  a great week everyone!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flea Market Finds

I am not sure where this week disappeared to but it seems to have whizzed by so fast I nearly missed it! I did however find myself with an hour to kill one day while my car was having some tyre treatments so I visited a local oppie - one I venture into with great trepidation as it is often manned by a fairly ferocious sounding German lady. It usually has lots of buttons that have been carefully sorted and sewn onto cards so every now  and then I pluck up the where-with-all to enter. This week I hit the haberdashery jackpot - gorgeous vintage ric-rac! Check out those colours!
I also found a brass plate which I will cut up and will take to the workshops I am going to next week, and a fondue stand minus its pot which will be perfect for heating my pickle pot ( the jewellery kind not the eating kind!)

 I love the big fat black ric rac too!

I figured I would need some reading material whilst at the Art Retreat next week so I grabbed a few novels - anybody read any of these? Hope they are ok but I figure they will just be used as sedatives after an exciting day of learning stuff from Susan Lenart Kazmer!

The cutest find had to be this childrens book with illustrations by Lucie Atwell. Ms Atwell was a very popular ilustrator in her time and her work is familiar to most people. You can learn more about her here.

These are not her very bestest drawings but they do epitomise her style - innocent and sweet. I think it is a keeper!
Head on over to Sophie's to check out all the other people joining this meme.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where for art thou Elizabeth ?

It has been brought to my attention that 4 comments were left re the giveaway and I only put three names in the pot! Sorry Elizabeth - I collected the names in the morning and didn't check back in the arvo when I  did the draw. Still, I would like to send you a pretty something so if you read this Elizabeth, please email me with your postal details. I am especially keen to acknowledge Elizabeths' contribution because it seems she broke her "lurker" status to join in! Thank you!

Monday, March 8, 2010

And the Winner is ....

Three lovely comments were posted for the giveaway so I have decide to give each one a gift - just to say "thanks".
I will draw the names from my trusty "stick-in-a-glass-of-rice selector" and the first drawn will be getting this necklace in the post -
Second drawn will receive this little number - it has a similar vintagy feel!
And third out of the barrel (or in this case glass full of rice!) will become the new owner of some tricked up button magic like this -
So, here goes ...


Into the glass they go ...



Thank you to Christina of Rustic Tarts, ArtyMarty and GemmaJoy for dropping by and leaving your comments - hope you enjoy your pressies! I will be in touch!

Flea Market Finds - a day late.

I am a little late joining Sophie's Flea Market Finds this week - oops! After a mammoth effort kitting out the kids' flat I kinda lost my op-shop vibe - yikes! I did do a bit of dropping off to the op-shop this week when I cleaned out my fabric cupboard. It would be rude to drop off stuff and not have a look about the shop - and I do hate to be ill-mannered - so naturally I had a little peek here and there!.
I found a dear little beaded placemat, woven from glass beads. This type of weaving was popular in the 70's using plastic tube beads but as this one is glass I am guessing it is a bit older than that.The beads used are probably European. I would love to dig a bit deeper into the history of this style of beadweaving.

 It is really very pretty isn't it? And so neatly stitched!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home from the market - and there is rain - gooodeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

In terms of actual sales the market was a bit of a bust. Still, I got to spend the day with my daughter and I did make at least two new acquaintances that I hope to stay in touch with. This is how the stall looked.

This was part way through the day so it is a bit messy!

Sold a couple of candlesticks but it looks like this one will be residing with me!

Oh so pretty journals from the lovely Melissa at Mogs Designs.

I got really bored when my daughter went to have coffee with some pals so I made me some friends of my very own. They didn't have a great deal to say but were patient listeners!
Hope your weekend has been full of adventure!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

To Market, to Market

If you happen to be in the Semaphore area tomorrow drop by St Bedes market and say "Hi" to me! My daughter and I are having a stall there. We will have handcrafted jewellery, second-hand clothes,elaborate candlesticks and some pretties from Miss Melissa over at Mogs Designs.
Here is a sneaky peek ...

Remember all those glass bits and pieces? Well here they are in their new incarnation!
Shiny, shiny candlesticks.


 Pretty jools from Viva la Diva


Garlands and brooches from Mogs Designs ( truth be told this is a pic from last year!)
It should be heaps of fun - there is live music and excellent coffee so if you fancy a little art and craft by the seashore, Semaphore is the place to be tomorrow.
I won't be drawing the giveaway until late Sunday - ok lets face it, probably Monday - so there is still time to join in.
Wish us luck - lets hope the Market Goddess is smiling on us!