Monday, March 29, 2010

An Artful Journey of the Utmost Kind.

When my dear friend Melissa sent me a gorgeous handcrafted journal to document my artful adventure to Victoria, I made a promise not to censor /edit my scribblings! Of course the end result looks a bit dubious but I guess when I look back on it, I will be glad to have such an accurate record. Here are a few pages so you can see how it looks ...
This was Day 1 -it was a beautiful drive and I found an op-shop!

I loved having different surfaces to write on and Melissa included "windows" and hidey-holes that I could put mementos in.

These are two of the stamps I made in Ro's class - just had to try them out!

It was also fun to try and incorporate some of the words Melissa had stamped into my journaling.
If you would like to see another journal made by another talented craftswoman head over to Rustic Tarts and check out the one Christina has made for her upcoming epic adventure.


Rustic Tarts said...

Well done! I don't know if I can be as brave as to let everyone see and read my finished will be good for me, if I do and it is what I want to achieve.
I had to click on each of your photos so I could see them up close and personal and read all that I
Love your stamps, you did good.

Elizabeth said...

What a lovely way to record happy memories...

Melissa said...

Can't wait to see it
Great stamps

Collecting Feathers said...

What great fun! xxNick