Monday, March 15, 2010


Tomorrow I am off on a wonderful adventure - an art retreat - and guess what arrived in the letterbox today?! A beautifully handcrafted journal made by my dear friend Melissa! It has a fabric cover and the pages are made from all sorts of recycled paper things - envelopes and cards and maps etc. Every page is different and exciting and I can't wait to fill it up with tales of my trip! There are little pockets and windows to put special things in and just the right amount of area to write in - enough to keep a good record but not too much intimidating blank space.
How lucky am I? And how thoughtful is my friend? I have to admit I went the sook a bit when I unwrapped it!
Melissa has called it "An Artful Journey Of The Utmost Kind" - too delightful for words huh?!
 This is what it looks like ...

I have already put pens (3 colours!) and some photos of friends and family in the front pocket. I have packed a tonne of stuff to take with me - good thing I am driving to Victoria - I would have definitely exceeded the luggage allowance on a plane - I probably would have had to buy two tickets!
Have  a great week everyone!

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Collecting Feathers said...

What a georgeous idea! Although I love new stationary aand writing on the first page, I often peter out. This keeps the creativity going. I am going to get my daughter to make one. Please tell us about your trip. xxNick