Monday, March 8, 2010

Flea Market Finds - a day late.

I am a little late joining Sophie's Flea Market Finds this week - oops! After a mammoth effort kitting out the kids' flat I kinda lost my op-shop vibe - yikes! I did do a bit of dropping off to the op-shop this week when I cleaned out my fabric cupboard. It would be rude to drop off stuff and not have a look about the shop - and I do hate to be ill-mannered - so naturally I had a little peek here and there!.
I found a dear little beaded placemat, woven from glass beads. This type of weaving was popular in the 70's using plastic tube beads but as this one is glass I am guessing it is a bit older than that.The beads used are probably European. I would love to dig a bit deeper into the history of this style of beadweaving.

 It is really very pretty isn't it? And so neatly stitched!


Enchanted Moments said...

Very, very nice.
I have a beaded jug cover on my website at the mo made with the same tubular glass beads.......
Sorry your market didnt make you a millionaire, but looks like you had a lovely day and kept yourself amused.......x

Christina Lowry said...

I remember my Grandma had ones similar to this. It is beautiful. Imagine the patience you would need to complete something like this?! :)

GetSilvered said...

I used to do off loom bead weaving like that back in the mid to late nineties.
The stitch is Peyote and the beads look very even, possibly delicas.

Here's some info

mel @ loved handmade said...

It's so lovely. Imagine the person who made this...I bet they would be happy it landed in such appreciative hands.

Melissa said...

Glass beads wow
well done

Unknown said...

Wow that a cute find indeed! Thanks so much for playing!
Sophie x